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Go Manitoba

The Village of Dunnottar, as a member of the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR), is proud to be part of an exciting new initiative that is not only environmentally responsible but will play a role in increasing mobility for those with limited access to transportation.

The PMCR is partnering with the Green Action Centre on Go Manitoba, a province-wide ride-sharing program, which connects commuters and so much more.  Go Manitoba will also allow those in search of walking, cycling or even transit partners to connect via its website. 

Go Manitoba is the first of its kind in the province. 

Colleen Sklar, executive director of the PMCR, as Go Manitoba was born through the foresight of local leaders who want to help citizens in the Capital Region make smart environmental choices and be able to connect with each other. 

"We are very excited to be partnering with the Green Action Centre on the Go Manitoba initiative," Sklar said. 

"Through collaborative efforts of local leaders across the region the Go Manitoba ride sharing service will allow residents across the growing Capital Region the option to share rides to work, school, social gatherings and recreational activities while reducing their carbon footprint."

Go Manitoba will also help provide increased mobility options for the entire community.  Students, seniors and those without vehicle access will also be able to take advantage of the program's many services and find ways to get to work, classes, social gatherings, recreational activities and appointments either on a regular basis or on occasion. 

Until a regional transportation system is established, Go Manitoba will help better connect the entire region.  The PMCR has joined with the Green Action Centre and various other partners to design the program with commuters in mind. 

With features like rewards programs, 24/7 access to data, and a user-friendly website and app, the program provides commuters with much more than simply matching carpool partners. 

Residents of the Capital Region can go to the Go Manitoba website to create your profile, download the mobile app and begin finding matches.