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Animal Control

Animal ControlThe dog control officer is Laurie Dear and he can be reached at 204-485-6764.

All dogs must be on a leash. No dog may run loose in the Village. Dogs are NOT permitted on the village piers.

If you have a cat problem, please contact our by-law enforcement officer who may have a trap available for your use in trapping the cats. Ken can be reached at 204-886-7030.


Do you have a problem with wild animals such as skunks and raccoons?

Skunks and raccoons are becoming an increasing problem. We have been in contact with Conservation and these animals are considered to be rodents and are therefore the homeowner’s responsibility. As homeowners, if we make our properties less inviting to these animals, they will soon leave our community.

Ways to deter wild animals, including feral cats, are:

 1. Eliminate the food source:

  • Do NOT feed the wild animals.
  • Secure trash in cans with lids or sealed bins.
  • Do NOT leave pet food outside.
  • Remove fallen and rotting fruit from fruit trees, or berry bushes.
  • Clean up bird feeder spills.
  • If possible, eliminate outdoor water sources.
  • Keep BBQ grills clean.

2. Remove shelter:

  • Debris and brush piles attract pests.
  • Trim shrubs and dense vegetation, especially around structures.
  • If possible cover holes around decks, porches & sheds.
3. Tips to keep them away:
  • They don’t like lights and sounds. Installing motion sensors, putting up wind chimes or hanging pie plates may help; however remember to respect your neighbours.
  • Plastic owls and snakes may keep them away, as they are afraid of them; be sure to move them around.
  • Place scarecrows in the yard or garden; the animals think that they are real and do not want to come near.
  • Whirling gadgets may scare them off.

4. Natural animal repellants – some home remedies that may work:

  • Mothball filled socks under structures.
  • Cayenne pepper sprinkled in flowerbeds may temporarily keep them away, but needs to be reapplied regularly.
  • Raccoons don’t like salt; sprinkle Epsom salts around your garden or trash cans.
  • Raccoons and squirrels don’t like peppermint; soak a few cotton balls in peppermint, place in panty hose and hang from tree branches or fences.
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper in birdseed. Birds can’t taste the pepper but squirrels can.

The Village has a trap that is available on a first come, first serve basis. Homeowners are responsible to set, check, empty the trap and dispose of the animals. Please remember, these are wild animals and are liable to be aggressive if approached.